Social media marketing is a constant process, and if you want to increase social media engagement you'll need to give your presence constant attention.

5 Daily Habits to Get More Social Media Engagement For Your Business

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Social media marketing is still relatively new in the world of marketing and business growth. Even though it’s new, it may be the most important form of marketing and advertising that you do for your business. For very little money (or no money at all), you can reach thousands, or even millions, of people every day. Of course, to increase your …

3 Strategies for Growing Your Business on Instagram

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Instagram has a massive amount of users, over 500 million, and the platform is continually growing – placing the social network in third after Facebook and YouTube. This huge audience is the perfect opportunity for your business to tap into! Whether or not you currently use other social media networks to advertise your brand, Instagram is one of those platforms …

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3 Tips for Building Your Online Presence

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By M. “Gonzo” Gonsalves I don’t have to tell you that having a strong online presence is a must in today’s business world. Whether you’re selling air conditioner repair parts or you have an haute couture fashion line, your target audience needs to be able to find you easily online. In fact, you want to go a step farther than that. …