Take advantage of one of these profitable side hustles so you can focus on what's important - launching and growing your business.

11 Profitable Side Hustles You Can Start Right Now

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Are you still working full-time, but looking for ways to make money as you transition into life outside the 9:00-to-5:00? Or are you already devoting your working hours to founding and launching your first startup business? Whatever the case may be, you don’t have to be independently wealthy to quit your job and start a business. Instead, why not start …

Good communication is key in the world of business. Follow these rules to master email etiquette and learn one of the most important entrepreneurial skills!

These are the 4 Rules You Need to Master Email Etiquette

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Good communication is key in the world of business, and it is certainly one of those vital skills that entrepreneurs need to master. Communication occurs every single day in many different forms, including phone calls, texts, video chats, and email. And while these are all popular methods of communication, the latter tends to reign as the primary method especially among …

7 Business Funding Sources That You Need to Know About

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The road to starting a business can often feel long and overwhelming. Whether you are still trying to develop your next great business idea, you are looking to hire your first employee or you are searching for a way to finance your venture, there is quite a lot to work on when you are just starting out. Although, the latter …

Owning a small business can be overwhelming, but luckily using these free tools will help you and your business to succeed!

30 Free Tools That Will Actually Help Your Business Succeed

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Life as a small business owner and entrepreneur can be quite overwhelming. It’s easy to feel alone and unsure of things, especially when you are just starting out. Luckily, there are tons of tools and resources at your fingertips that are here to help you succeed. And since nothing is better than free when you are a small business owner, …

5 Reasons Why Customer Service Is More Important Than Anything Else

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Working with entrepreneurs has given me opportunities to speak to and lead others who are either trying to start their own business or trying to improve what they already have. I have a unique position to speak from. Yes, I have been successful, but at the same time, I have made plenty of mistakes. Over the years, I have learned …

5 Ways to Identify Potential Leaders Among Your Employees

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As you build and grow your business, you’re going to have a significant need for effective leaders in your organization. At first, you may only have one or two employees, but as you extend your business, develop new departments, and build new teams, you’re going to need people who can step up to the plate and lead. So how can …

The Power of Corporate Culture

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The late Gwen Ifill, a successful and prominent newscaster, journalist, and author, said, “Change comes from listening, learning, caring, and conversation.” She made a simple but effective point. Yet, how often does a company (of any size) follow this concept? Sure, many will listen and learn from their customers through an amazing array of methods. Marketing, social media work, and …

4 Reasons NOT to Be a Multitasker

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How often do you hear people talking about how well they can multitask? Employees put it on their résumés. Entrepreneurs brag about it to investors. At one point or another, we’ve all prided ourselves, to one degree or another, on how well we could do five things at once. But take a moment and think about the times you’ve been …

3 Surprising Marketing Tips for Your Next Crowdfunding Campaign

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If you’ve never attempted a crowdfunding campaign, you might be under the (mistaken) impression that these things basically run themselves and that they’re almost guaranteed to succeed. The fact is, though, the vast majority of crowdfunding campaigns fall flat on their faces and never come near their goals for funding. Looking at the statistics, it’s easy to see why a …